We have:

  • 2 x Arduino Uno/ Nano ✓
  • 2 x MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout ✓
  • 2 x Disposable Cameras ✓
  • 2 x Nerf Guns ✓
  • 2 x LCD Screens ✓
  • 2 x Buttons ✓
  • 2 x Optocoupler (Maybe)
  • 2 x Hi-Vis Vests ✓
  • 2 x Power Banks ✓
  • 2 x USB Cables ✓
  • Copper Tape ✓
  • Wires ✓
  • Soldering Station ✓
  • Hot – Glue Gun ✓
  • Resistors ✓

Bought the nerf guns from Argos and and hi-vest from Screw fit. We chose hi-vest is that it is cheap for a prototype and it is easily to take off and put on. With the guns we are going to modified it by putting copper tape on the bullets as when it touches the vest you will get shocked. Next step is to draw out the circuit online and on the bread board and see how we going to connect everything together.


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